Ratgirl (lindsayalleene) wrote,

Alrighty, I could use some epinions from the peanut gallery.

I have decided that these GED classes I've been attending are taking entirely too long.
My math guru Jared had sent me practice GED tests, and I scored over 3000, and in NYS you need like 2400 to pass.
Soo what I'm thinking isssss...Take the test. See if I pass. If not, continue with my home studying on math, try again. If I don't pass that time, resume clases. BUT ya know, I'm fairly certain I will pass.
Sooo, after that, I'm thinking I will attend MCC(which I am told by my friend that you get 4000 per semester from some grant if you fill out this form somewhere downtown) for a while for some general math, chemestry, and such that I will at least need a general idea of for the pre-vet courses I'll be taking at hopefully Nazareth.

Thoughtsies? Jared?
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You know what I think. Go for it! (and if all else fails you can atleast sign a contract in blood with Satan. He's so old-fashioned sometimes!)
I already commented on your other blog. I just wanna know why you're on my flist here, but I seem to not be on yours? What's up with that? Huh? *Grin*

(Please fix?)
Heh, wow I didn't even notice I'd posted it to this journal. If you look, you'll notice I really don't have anyone in my friends list here. This entry should have been posted on myphantompet. This journal is for REAL private entries.